How We Did It:

Ezakus first tagged the microsite, in order to collect data on key actions and events onsite, including not only all conversion events but also every existing qualified visit. By matching existing qualified visitors and converters to unique profiles in our network, we were able to analyze the behavior of those ideal converters over 14 days of web activity - allowing us to define the perfect prospect profile for the brand.

Using that in-depth pattern score, we then excluded all visitors that we tracked on the brand site, and were able to uncover over 25 Million brand new profiles, that best matched the seed audience pool. Targeting those new-to-site users only, we were able to drive over 150,000 qualified new visitors to the site.

The Results:

At the campaign's peak, Ezakus drove over 10,000 qualified clicks per day to the mobile site, with a new visitor rate of nearly 90%, that performed as well as the existing converter base.

  • Performance: Ezakus delivered new site visitors on a guaranteed flat-CPC basis, exceeding the CPA goal by over 50%
  • Prospecting: With a new visitor rate of nearly 90%, Ezakus had the best prospecting reach on the plan
  • At Scale: Ezakus scaled to drive over 10,000 clicks daily
  • Moreover, 1 in 5 new users Ezakus drove to the site revisited at least once within 2 weeks