Performance Mobile Prospecting

We believe in a performance-driven approach to digital advertising across screens and devices.

Our proprietary predictive algorithms and behavioral data allow us to build Pretargeting Profiles, based on your mobile web audiences - to reach brand new prospects at scale.

All done on a guaranteed CPC basis. 


Leverage our Predictive Mobile DMP Technology

After installing our SDK or tagging your mobile properties, Ezakus can match your highest value users to the hundreds of millions of unique profiles in our network, managed by our unique mobile DMP. We then use in-depth behavioral models to predictively reach your next best prospects across devices.

Ezakus isn't a standard mobile ad network; rather our predictive engine uses machine-learning on unbiased data points over time to build persistent profiles that aren't constrained by human targeting capacities or 3rd-party segments.

This allows us unmatched scale without sacrificing the precision or accuracy of our targeting.  


Rich Data meets Rich Media

Ezakus has developed a powerful and highly customizable set of mobile Rich Media creative formats, allowing us to combine the efficiency of data-driven targeting with the impact of engaging & beautiful creative


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