Christopher Caussin, VP Sales EMEA, indicates in JDN that the real innovation in programmatic is Pretargeting

Christopher Caussin, VP Sales EMEA, has written an article in French Journal du Net where he indicates that the real innovation with Programmatic is Pretargeting.
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Following ATS Paris last week, Christopher is wondering about the adtech market growth and the value creation provided by the data. Then Christopher indicates that data is now a key subject in Programmatic. First retargating has pushed data usage but now the subject is about how to really use data and especially the first party data of the advertisers.
For Christopher, data means Insights and highlight how critital is the need for the advertiser to be able to get insights from their data.

Then the second point developped by Christopher is the current strong mutation in the adtech market: advertiser want transparency in order to challenge how their advertising and acquisition budget is used while the market is facing some difficulties.

From those 2 points, Christopher indicates that Pretargeting, based on the programmatic performance campaign that are heavily fueled by data (both first party publisher and advertiser data) is a clear answer that the market is expecting. He adds that advertisers want Programmatic data driven campaign that are meaningful.

THe full article in French is here:–c-est-le-pretargeting.shtml

Jean-Sebastien Suze in about the importance of data in RTB and Pretargeting

Some extracts:

The DMP can also connect partners publisher data with advertisers data “If Volkwagen discovers that its buyers have proximity with travel, we are able to automatically identify an audience that match this pattern based on browsing on our partners publisher websites” add Jean-Sebastien Suze. After Retargeting here is the time of the Pretargeting: the search for “look alike” profils for the advertisers based on browsing history.

Copy of the article (in French): RTB JSSuze Pretargeting

Ezakus Names Christopher Caussin VP of Sales for EMEA

CCaussinParis, October 23rd, 2014 – Ezakus, the European predictive targeting technology company, has announced the hire of Christopher Caussin as new VP of Sales for EMEA. The appointment is effective immediately and reflects Ezakus’ investment in scaling Pretargeting as the most effective offer to generate new customers. Christopher will be responsible for expanding Ezakus Pretargeting in Europe.

Christophe Camborde, CEO of Ezakus, said, “We are excited to welcome Christopher to the Ezakus team. Christopher’s incredible expertise and knowledge of European adtech market is key to develop our Pretargeting offer. 2015 will be the year of Pretargeting. The Ezakus team is committed to being at the vanguard of the emerging movement to focus brands more on the upper sales funnel and using 1st-party data to generate new customers.”

Christopher has almost 20 years’ industry experience, having held senior roles at Yahoo!, Kelkoo, and BestofMedia. More recently he was Regional Director for Southern Europe for Sociomantic Labs until the recent acquisition by Tesco. He has broad experience dealing with advertisers and agencies.

Press Release in English: 2014-10-23 PR Ezakus – ChristopherCaussin

Press Release in French: 2014-10-23 PR Ezakus – ChristopherCaussin_FR

Ezakus Launches U.S. Operations with Two Senior Hires

Leading European Predictive Targeting Platform Fills Demand & Supply Side Roles

NEW YORK—October 16, 2014—-Ezakus, the European predictive targeting technology company, has announced the hire of two key senior executives to launch its U.S. offering. Ezakus CEO Christophe Camborde has come to terms with Brett Bogle, previously Sales Director at Yieldex, the leading publisher revenue and inventory management platform, to become Ezakus VP Business Development, responsible for publisher partnerships. Concurrently, Mr. Camborde also announced the hire of Phillippe Finkelstein, previously COO of Altavia, in the role of Head of Sales for North America, responsible for brand and agency partnerships.

“While 2014 may have been considered the Year of Retargeting in the U.S. ad tech community, we are excited to declare 2015 as the year of Pretargeting,” said Mr. Camborde. “The Ezakus team is committed to be at the vanguard of the emerging movement to focus brands more on the upper sales funnel and using 1st party-data to generate new customers.”

Since the beginning of the year, hundreds of upper funnel campaigns for more than 50 major brands have been optimized by Ezakus. For Orange in Q2 2014, the Ezakus technology dramatically reduced the cost of new customer acquisition for the French mobile carrier. For the most recent Gillette video campaign in France, the Ezakus technology generated a 2x multiplier effect in customer engagement.

Ezakus is an established ad technology brand in Europe and the UK, launched by Mr. Camborde with lead investor Idinvest Partners, the French venture capital firm, which also has prominent stakes in Criteo and Dailymotion. Its Board of Directors includes such digital advertising veterans as Sean O’Neal, President of Adaptly and Cameron Clayton, President, Product and Technology of The Weather Channel Company.

The name Ezakus was inspired by the Greek God who could read minds. The company was launched in France in 2011 and its technical pretargeting foundation is rooted in a matching capability integrated within a traditional Data Management Platform (DMP) that facilitates the live segmentation of new customer prospects leveraging at scale vital first-party advertiser and publisher data.

Mr. Camborde confirmed that Ezakus in the U.S. is already engaged with major brands in verticals including financial services, CPG, mobile telecom and online dating.

Press release in PDF: 2014-10-16 PR Ezakus – 2 senior hires

Ezakus Appoints Cameron Clayton To Board of Directors; Moving Mobile and American

New York — October 15, 2014

Ezakus Inc., the New York City-based Pretargeting technology platform, announced today that Cameron Clayton has joined the company’s Board of Directors. Cameron is a widely-respected and deeply-experienced Adtech executive who brings added strength to Ezakus.

Ezakus has developed a first-of-its-kind digital marketing solution that helps advertisers acquire more qualified customers by utilizing a unique combination of web-browsing data and CRM information within a cross-device RTB platform.

Christophe Camborde, co-founder and CEO of Ezakus, says “I am amazed to see how being in the USA has changed the company. Having another board member of the caliber of Cameron Clayton will reinforce our transformation into an American and mobile-first-minded Adtech company.

Mr. Cameron Clayton serves as the President of Product & Technology Division at The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel is one of the biggest mobile media ad businesses on the planet and more than 150 million people have downloaded the app. It’s the 2nd most downloaded iPad and 7th most downloaded iPhone app of all time. Before joining TWCC, Mr. Clayton served as the Director of sales and marketing for a regional Internet service provider and director of business development for MSN in New Zealand. In addition, he served as Chairman of Mobile Marketing Association.

Press Release in PDF

Ezakus Appoints Sean O’Neal To Board Of Directors; Accelerates Global Expansion

New York —September 5, 2014

O NealEzakus Inc., the New York City based Pretargeting technology platform, today announced that Sean O’Neal has joined the company’s board of directors. Sean is a widely respected and deeply experienced adtech executive who brings added strength to Ezakus.

Ezakus has developed a first-of-its kind digital marketing solution that helps advertisers acquire more qualified customers by utilizing a unique combination of web browsing data and CRM information within a cross-device RTB platform.
Christophe Camborde, co-founder and CEO of Ezakus, says

“I am very excited to have attracted a board member of the caliber of Sean O’Neal to Ezakus. He will be invaluable to Ezakus as we head into our next phase of growth in North America.”


“I am honored to join the Ezakus board and work with this exceptional team,” O’Neal said. “Ezakus has the advantage of being present in both Europe and USA, and has been developing a completely disruptive model of predictive marketing. I look forward to sharing my experiences and contributing to the direction and growth of this future global leader.”

Sean O’Neal currently serves as President of social advertising technology company Adaptly, where he oversees the company’s business development and marketing efforts. For 20 years Sean has been building marketing technology businesses and has held executive positions at Sony, Nielsen, The Daily Mail Online,, and others. O’Neal has served as co-chair for IAB committees, sits on several advisory boards and is a frequent speaker and editorial contributor for the American Marketing Association, Cannes Lions, New York Advertising Club, AdWeek, Media Post, and others.

About Ezakus Inc.

Ezakus provides web and mobile predictive targeting campaigns to more than 100 major advertisers through 150 global Premium Publishers, with a daily reach of +50 million unique users and +1Billion real-time analyzed and targeted touch-points. Ezakus is a pioneer of Pretargeting, offering the very first performance based upper-funnel marketing solution for brands and merchants. The Ezakus solution leverages a proprietary Data Management Platform along with a large team of engineers, mathematicians and advertising technology specialists who analyze and make sense of “Big Data”, while ensuring full respect for users’ anonymity. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in New York City and has offices London, Montreal, Mexico City and Paris, and is backed by Idinvest.

Press release in PDF: PR Sean Ezakus Inc -

Pretargeting is the future of Online Advertising

Cool article on Digital Marketing Magazine about Pretargeting: “Is Pre-Targeting The Future of Online Advertising?”.

Fundamentally, the online customer wants to be understood. They want to be engaged and feel as though the brand values them on an individual basis, in the same way as they value the individual offline experience. The earlier a brand can interact with a customer, the better and if they can know who they are and why they act the way they do they can build an engaging and mutually beneficial relationship.

Read here.

Ezakus DMP and Pretargeting are Google Cloud Platform Case Study

Ezakus DMP and Pretargeting capacities are powered by Google Cloud Plarform and this integration has been selected as best practice case study by Google.


“Google Compute Engine matches all our expectations. We are able to scale our business, and we don’t have to wait for anything to provide computing power.” — Olivier Gardinetti, CTO, Ezakus

Document dowloadable here: GCLS-CS-1404_ezakus

Ezakus Announces Integration with Google Cloud Platform to launch Pretargeting

Ezakus, the leading provider of Data Management Platforms (DMP) in Europe, announced today that all DMPs have fully migrated to Google Cloud Platform to deliver performance driven Pretargeting campaigns. Ezakus has successfully migrated more than 150 DMP’s of premium media brands to Google Cloud Platform, including Audience Square, Orange, Prisma, M6Web, Allocine/Webedia, Le Monde/Huffington Post, Les Echos, Roularta, Manageo, Car&Boat.

The partners represent a total amount of 600 Million daily touch points for more than 40 Millions unique visitors. The almost infinite calculation capacity provided by Google Cloud Platform and the proximity with the major AdExchange offer Ezakus Pretargeting Platform a unique capability.

“Our major client’s sell side DMP is now ready to support Pretargeting campaigns. To allow our Publishers to be competitive using their first party data a massive calculation capability is required. Google Cloud Platform provides the best scalable performance globally. It allow us to run a huge number of campaigns over large inventories.”

said Christophe Camborde, Ezakus’ CEO.

“We are excited that Ezakus, a provider of Data Management Platform services, uses Google Cloud Platform and Google Media Buying Solutions as part of their infrastructure solution. With Google Cloud Platform, Ezakus can provide fast and accurate Audience Management solutions to their customers.”

said Daniel Powers, Director, Google Cloud Platform.

About Ezakus

Ezakus provides data management platforms and predictive targeting campaigns to more than 150 Premium Publishers
With a daily +50 million unique and +1Billion touch-point real-time analyzed. Ezakus, is a pioneer and fast-growing actor in DMP and pre-targeting, has offices in Paris, London and New York. and is backed by VC Idinvest since the company creation in 2011. In order to continuously improve its DMP technology, Ezakus relies on its large team of engineers, mathematicians and sociologists to analyze and make sense of “Big Data”, while ensuring full respect for users anonymity.

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