Ezakus Centralized Profile Network

By de-duplicating and matching data from our publisher and select data partners, our predictive engine & proprietary DMP have developed over 300 million unique & persistent Profiles. We're constanstly updating each single profile based on web activity in real time, keeping our Profile Network relevant.

Our technology allows us to actively score every profile in our network, on an individualized basis, against all of our live advertiser partners.

We always know which profiles are the best prospects for each of our clients and we know exactly when & where to reach them.

Over 3 Billion data touch points analyzed every single day, to maintain and enrich over 300 million centralized profiles

How it works

Look-a-like modeling indexes your site converters against pre-existing segments to target audiences, relying on 3rd-party data & predefined assumptions. Pretargeting matches your site data with raw, unaggregated data from across the web, to drive never before seen prospects to your site with an average New Visitor Rate of over 88%.


After tagging your site, we collect data on your existing traffic, to find your most qualified visitors and highest-value converters, across our profile network.


Our realtime, predictive engine builds behavioral models for each of your visitors across the web. Once we've computed your unique customer pattern, we use it to identify & target brand new users that matches your existing audience.


Finally, we reach and serve ads to those new-to-site prospects across the web utilizing real time platforms, at scale. We do this on a flat CPC basis, across screens, while actively excluding all your onsite traffic on an ongoing basis.

Realtime Reporting 

Get realtime reporting and insights into your Pretargeting campaign with live campaign dashboards

From impressions and clicks to conversions and revenue, slice and dice your Pretargeting campaign in any number of ways with our dynamic reporting interface and dashboards. Your campaign will be updated in realtime, down to the second, so you can always monitor progress and keep an eye on the KPIs that matter most.

Beyond all your basic campaign metrics, you will also get insights into the Qualified Visitors and revisits made by Ezakus post-click and post-view traffic to your site. You will even have access to more in-depth insights on your best prospects from across the web, to help inform larger decisions about your upper-funnel marketing strategy.