What information is collected?

When someone visits a Web site, Ezakus collects the following information: URLs visited, time, IP, searches made. This data is already collected by most players in the Internet business, so there’s nothing new there. Ezakus uses the most basic of collecting mechanisms: cookies.


What personal information is kept within the Ezakus Platform?

We make it possible for you to contact us via our form or via one of the forms from our network of partners. In most cases, we will ask you to fill in your name and your email address. Even though this information is stored, it will be used solely for the purpose of replying to you. Under no circumstances will Ezakus ever share, sell or rent out this information.


How do we collect data?

Cookies are small text files that the servers of Web sites insert into your hard disk when you visit these sites.

Think of a cookie as an ID card that belongs to you and is unique. Its role is notably to notify the site whenever you return.

Most if not all Web sites use cookies. Cookies tell us how often you visit, and help us to determine your centres of interest. In this way, we can bring you more relevant content, and less of the content you’re not interested in.

Cookies also allow us to be more efficient. Did you ever put a product in a Web site’s basket only to return a few days later and find it still there? That’s one of the things cookies do.

But if you have never registered or have never left personal information on a site, which is the case on the majority of sites you look at, the server will only recognise that your cookie has come back to the site. It will recognise absolutely nothing else.

Let’s be totally clear about this, Ezakus will never be able to know anything about you, in particular your name, age, sex, or any other personal information. For us, you are as anonymous as a number.


How is the data used?

At Ezakus, we believe that relevant content or advertising is a good thing for Web users. It is in this context that we think the value we get from the « anonymous you» is paid back to you. The following functionalities would not be possible without our platform.

  • More appropriate advertising (typically ads for a specific region)
  • Content recommendation
  • Mastering display frequency of certain ads
  • Displaying ads in a particular order


Opt-out : Your right to deactivate these functionalities

At any time, you can choose to deactivate the tracking explained above. It’s your decision.
If you click on the button below, a new cookie will be left on your computer for your Web browser.

The Ezakus platform will know about your decision and will also apply it across all the partner companies. Please note that if you delete this cookie, the platform will become blind to your decision and you will need to renew the deactivation process.
Indeed, deleting browser cookies can remove your opt out preference, so you should visit this page periodically to review your preference.


Compliance with the Network Advertising Initiative

Ezakus is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and adheres to the NAI Code of Conduct. If you prefer, you may use the NAI opt out tool to opt out of data being collected by Ezakus.


Compliance with the Interactive Advertising Bureau

Ezakus is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and complies the Good Practice Principles for online behavioral advertising. You can use the IAB tool to opt out of data being collected by Ezakus.


Data lifespan

We consider that, on the Ezakus platform, data has a lifespan of 12 months, after which we consider the data to be no longer valid and it is subsequently destroyed. A new « anonymous you » is created with new information.



The Ezakus team guarantees to continuously put in place state-of-the-art security measures to protect collected information. Encryption methods as well as physical security of the machines are an integral part of the platform. Nonetheless, no internet service can claim to be 100% reliable in this area, with technology changing so fast. We do however guarantee to put in place the best security measures, as well as to constantly update them.



Ezakus makes a point of not intentionally collecting data (and therefore not adapting specific segments) relating to children under 13 years of age.


Sharing information with third parties

Ezakus shares inferred information about the « anonymous you » with its clients. The main aim is to indicate to its clients that a certain number of users of the platform belong to a specific segment of the Ezakus platform.

The client will then be in a position to display appropriate advertising, or content that can be better adapted to this segment, and therefore to the « anonymous you ».

Ezakus may also share this information with its partners, but Ezakus guarantees that the same privacy policy is applied by these partners before any commercial agreement is put into place.

Finally, Ezakus reserves the right to divulge any information in its possession in the event of legal constraints, even when we consider that this divulgence is necessary to protect our rights and/or when we are obliged to conform to a judicial procedure, court order or any legal avenue implicating our Web site.

With all these facts you can feel confident, we don’t know who you are!


Any other question?

If you would like to find out more about us or have any further queries please contact us.